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I wish there was a pretty way to begin this blog post, I really do.  After much prayer and conversation we are sad to share that this is the end of the season of carry camp retreats.  When we think back to our beginnings, and the stirring the Lord put on our hearts all we can do is smile.  God really is so good to us, and we are honored to have been a part of so many of your lives over the past few years.  Through each of our struggles through the waters of infertility, the Lord has turned something so difficult into good.  We have been able to connect with you, share hope and inspiration, create a space for you to be seen, known, heard, and to belong…and for that we truly are grateful.

so, YES the season of hosting our annual fall retreats is over, so you won’t find any more information about that.  BUT what you will find, is years of content.  the blog is an incredible resource for you.  We’ve had incredible guest writers, and series on all sorts of things including: identity, how to love, how to pray, disappointment, comfort, waiting.  We’ve had series from the men, on mothers day, and advent to name a few.   Did you know we have a whole page for family and friends??


Our hope and prayer is that you would continue to use this website – that you would share it with friends, that it would bring some level of comfort in knowing you are not alone in your struggle.  May the Lord be near to you, sister.  Our prayers are always with you!

Some of our amazing friends + sisters also have an incredible ministry that we’d love for you to check out: Waiting in Hope (website) and facebook page.


Katie, Sarah + Wynne

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