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The Crew

Wynne Elder | Influencer

Vulnerable, authentic and free are words that best describes who Wynne is. Wildly in love with Jesus and asking for His grace everyday is her song. Life with two toddlers is no walk in the park, but our little Ethiopians make us come alive. Married to her best friend for 8 years, Wynne and Stephen seek to live a great story everyday. they are pushing into all God has for them, loving people, and saying YES to the crazy, awesome, & exciting story He's writing. Things that stir Wynne's affections for Christ: traveling, new cities, coffee and a sunny day on the lake.

Katie Mohr | Storyteller

Queen Bee of her frat house, Katie is commonly heard yelling things like "Why aren't you wearing any clothes?" and "Yes, ninjas go to church!" to her two boys. She's a card carrying member of the "I can't stop Instagramming" club and has a huge crush on her husband. When she isn't daydreaming about her next tattoo, she's using her time, talents, and clothes obsession caring for foster/adoptive families in St. Louis. She enjoys drinking coffee in Guatemala, eating bagels in NYC, and has an endless tolerance for reality TV.

Sarah Schneider | Dreamer

sarah. dreamer certainly is true. as soon as she started believing that it was God giving her these dreams.... she began to dream bigger. living a beauty and full life in Michigan with her husband of eleven years and three sweet babes. photographer turned iphoneographer and instagrammer. grew up in a family of artists... it's in her blood. hospitality and entertaining is her thing. making her house a home is a passion... sarah's home is full of light and love, a place where imaginations and creativity can take flight. a warm and cozy place that she would love to share with you and serve you a cup of coffee.... or breakfast... or dinner. His plan for her life was not what she expected.... it's better. she loves every piece of her ever evolving story.