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Sponsor and Scholarship Options

As we’ve been planning and preparing for our first retreat coming up in October 2015 we have been hearing from so many of you that you want to come and need the community and encouragement, but finances are standing in your way. If you want to be here we want you here. Simple as that. So we’ve brainstormed two ideas for how to help those who can’t swing the fees.



First, we have a full sponsorship option! This option allows a friend or family member (or random gracious complete stranger!) to fully fund your ticket to The Carry Camp Retreat! So loved ones – do you know someone who would benefit from spending a weekend with other women going through the same journey she is while receiving rest and encouragement and hope? Sponsor their spot at the retreat by simply going to the Paypal button below and paying their registration fee. IMPORTANT – in the comments section please put their name and email address so that we can contact them and get all their info for the weekend! That’s all it takes!





The second option is our general scholarship fund. Any amount can be donated – $20 or $400! We will soon open this up for women to apply for a scholarship and will come back with that process in just a couple weeks. In the meantime we need to grow our scholarship fund so that we can help as many women as possible get to this retreat! Simply use the donate button below.


We are so grateful to everyone who is helping us serve women in the trenches of infertility. We’re honored to have friends come along side of us and support our vision of offering love, support, hope, and community to a group of women who can sometimes feel very silenced and misunderstood. And we are working hard to make this retreat simply incredible!